Orff & Handchimes

"One of the values of the Orff approach is how it allows children to explore music through a variety of creative musical experiences. Handchimes are another quality instrument that may be added to a traditional Orff instrumentarium." - Griff Gall, elementary music specialist and director of the Back Bay Ringers in Boston, MA.

Pictured above: *NEW* Classroom Set of Choirchimes by Malmark Bellcraftsmen
included: 16 Choirchimes: C5 to A6 diatonics plus F#5, F#6 and A#6 housed in a heavy-duty portable carry bag. The outer shell is made of nylon pack cloth and lined with twill. This is a safe way to carry your Choirchimes. Fold the top half over the Choirchimes, roll it up and use the heady duty over-the-shoulder strap to easily carry your chimes from room to room.  *Available now!
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Choirchmes may be utilized as any other pitched percussion instrument in your classroom

There is no mystery or extra planning needed to add handchimes to Orff-style arrangements; simply use them as you do other Orff instruments.

Handchimes can be substituted for any other Orff instrument in a similar note range and no extra training, planning or special technique is needed! Choirchimes are so easy and satisfying to ring!

Choirchimes are a perfect match for these experiences:
  • Handchimes and recorders - a winning combination!
  • Call and response
  • Ostinati
  • Use with poetry and speech pieces
  • Improvisation (rhythmic & melodic)
  • Pentatonic chords, cluster chords, I-IV-V chords, etc. ... as accompaniment to voices
  • Bourdon or open fifths in lower chimes
  • Random ringing accompaniment
  • Music & Movement - a handchime can be moved, carried and used expressively

 No extra planning just adapt your current plans!

  • Long or sustained tones work best
  • Use chimes in place of, or in addition to barred instruments, e.g. xylophone
  • Create an additional pattern for arrangements you have
  • Allow children to improvise a new pattern
  • Ring with a gentle, easy stroke for the best sound and care of your handchimes
  • Chimes may be placed on carpet squares, placemats or any other slightly cushioned surface when children are sitting on the floor or at a desk
  • Avoid dropping or striking handchimes against each other or any hard surface
  • Take care to avoid ringing with force as this destroys the tonal quality and may lead to premature failure of the instrument

Contact me for specific lesson plans for using Choirchhimes in your classroom teaching or info about the new Classroom Set. Ring Me Up!

A new resource for music teachers - Ring, Dance, Play: First Experiences With Choirchimes and Orff-Schulwerk, by Griff Gall and Paul Weller.

Chime Loan Program  - Handbell Musicians of America

 This organization promotes handbell and handchime ringing and is divided into "areas" at the local level. Many areas offer chime loan programs to teachers and other organizations. Find your area here. Look on the area website for information on the Chime Loan Program or contact the area chair listed for your area.

The Malmark Choirchime® is known for its pure, resonant tone and durability in the classroom. (The secret to the pure tone is our square shaped tube!) And, the straight sides do not allow undesirable overtones to develop. Check other handchimes and you'll see that is why ours sounds better than any other handchime! And, now get the BEST for LESS than other handchimes. Check our prices at Malmark and then Ring Me Up!

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