It's All About Ringing!

Beginning Basics
Who makes a good ringer?
It might surprise you to know that musical ability is NOT the most important characteristic to be a successful ringer!
Characteristics of a Good Ringer

My Favorite Things for Beginners
Here is my list of favorite music and resources for beginning ringing ensembles. Titles, publisher codes, comments and difficulty level and octave listed.
Beginning Repertoire & Resources.

Choosing Beginning Repertoire

  • Music built upon chords where all ringers play the same rhythm.
  •  Music where all the ringers are BUSY. Check all parts!
  • Avoid single-note melody lines - look for vertical chords.
  • Concentrate on basic ringing & damping skills before choosing music with special techniques like martellato, thumb damp, etc. ...
  • Look for music that uses repetition in its musical form.
  • Avoid page turns.
  • Avoid bell or chime changes. (From F to F# for example.)
  • Avoid music where the harmony changes often until damping skills improve.
  • Start with music rated Level 1 by the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers difficulty rating system. See Music Difficulty Level System for more information.

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